The Scoop on Advertising: Part 4 ~ The Mighty Sword of E-mail Distribution

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As we talk through paid advertising that works, we’ve finally come to one of the most successful:

Targeted email

This is one of my all-time favorite marketing methods, because this is the way I see the biggest spike in sales. It also works well with my introverted personality. 🙂

The concept is simple. Readers sign up with a website to receive daily emails feature books in the categories they select. Authors pay a fee to have their book featured in that email. Many sites also include promotion on Facebook and Twitter, along with the email distribution.

bookbubBy far the most successful email marketing site is They accept a very small number of books submitted for their daily email blast, and the pricing isn’t cheap. But don’t let these factors discourage you! A Bookbub feature almost always earns at least three or four times the cost of the submission, and the featured book usually rockets to the top of the bestseller list in their Amazon genre category.  Which makes your books visible to even more buyers. From there, if you’ve done a good job with the prerequisites (cover, description, and reviews/craft), sales will usually taper to a higher consistent level than before the ad. is another site that does well, although not quite as well as BB. Most people see returns of at least double or triple their ad investment when using ENT.

There are hundreds (possibly thousands) of other sites that offer this same targeted email marketing. Make sure you vet a potential advertiser before spending money on them. Look at the number of subscribers (especially email, not just Facebook or Twitter followers) compared to the price they charge.

Below is a list of sites I’ve either used or considered using (there are only so many hours in a day and so many dollars in my checkbook!). Please know I’m not endorsing these specific sites, but I don’t feel like any of them are scams. They are just a starting place if you’d like to test the email distribution list waters.

Also keep in mind, some sites do better with specific genres than others.


So now it’s your turn! 

Are there other email distribution sites you’ve used for book promotion? This is all about idea sharing, so let’s hear ’em!


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