Work with Misty

I love to help other authors create book marketing strategies to achieve their goals, so I’m excited to offer a few different ways we can connect!

  1. If you prefer self-study, check out my online courses. My favorite course is Group Coaching, where I’ll work with you and 4-5 other authors over 10 weeks to take your book marketing to the next step!
  2. You can book a one-on-one consultation. This is a great way to get actionable feedback on your individual situation! More info below…
  3. I’d love to speak at your next writer’s conference or workshop! More info below…

One-on-one Consultation:

(Note: I only book a set number of consultations per month based on my availability.)Profile Pic optional

Hearing about all the things you should or could be doing to market your books is great, but sometimes its hard to know exactly what you and your books need in your situation!

That’s why I love one-on-one coaching.

When I consult, my objective is to provide answers to your questions, dig into what’s hindering you from reaching your goals, and provide guidance on where you can go from here, all with a focus on keeping things realistic, manageable, and pain-free! When we’re done, you’ll have an action plan for the next steps you can take to get closer to your ideal career and life.

Things We Can Talk About


  • Traditional, Hybrid, Indie Publishing Options
  • Expanding Your Reach
  • Big Picture Planning
  • Finding Your Target Reader


  • Book Launches
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Newsletter
  • Expanding Your Readership


  • How to get started
  • Strategy for going “wide” (multiple ebook retailers)
  • Writing for marketability


I charge $100 for 1 hour.
Once we set our appointment, I’ll bill you via PayPal. Payment must be received in advance.

How it Works

If you have specific questions you want to cover during our conversation, you can send those to me in advance. Otherwise, I’ll ask you to fill out a form telling me about yourself, your books, your career, and what you hope to accomplish with our consult. We’ll schedule a time for our call. I’ll do some research based on the information you provided to me and prep notes for our talk.

What You Will Receive

We’ll talk for the appointed amount of time. You’ll have pages of notes and will leave the conversation with a plan!

I’ll be available afterward for additional questions via email, so you can implement your plan with confidence!

Interested? Have Questions?

Send me an email to book your appointment!


Book Misty for an Event: 

Misty loves to connect with other writers through workshops and events! Misty Cropped

She speaks regularly at conferences, ACFW chapters, and other writer groups, both in person and via webinar.

Popular workshop topics include:

  • Email Lists and Launch Teams: How to grow huge lists of avid fans
  • Marketing For Indies: (A popular workshop!)
  • Find your Target Reader: A unique approach to free your writing and make your marketing efforts exponentially more effective
  • The Power of Cross-Promoting…and How to Get Started:  Best practices to build and leverage your author network
  • Marketing Your Way: How to find the book marketing strategy that best fits you and your books
  • Marketing a New Book Release: Step by step strategies to supercharge your new book release
  • Going Indie: How to get started!
  • Other topics related to book marketing or independent publishing


To discuss an opportunity, contact us here: 




Speaker Bio: 

Misty M. Beller writes Christian historical romance, and is a hybrid author of fourteennovels, as well as a non-fiction book for authors, How to Market a Book Release.

With over ten years working in professional project management and marketing, Misty uses her experience in the corporate world to develop best practices in her writing and book marketing efforts. It is her passion to help other authors on this same journey.

Misty teaches courses and workshops at writers’ conferences around the U.S., educating authors on effective book marketing approaches and helping them apply that knowledge to their own books.